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Suitable Study Space


Walls in rented houses will probably be painted magnolia or cream but you can brighten up the room with colourful bedlinen, cushions, a bean bag and perhaps some pictures. Soft greens or blues are a good colour that will inspire calm and concentration. An occasional bright orange cushion will really brighten up a blue room and will co-ordinate perfectly whereas hot pink will really jazz up a pale green bedroom.


A good desk is necessary with ample space for a laptop or pc with enough space for a couple of books and stationary. A comfortable chair is also an essential item. Brighten up the desk with some colourful stationary items and folders – it will inspire them to keep it looking nice too.

A bean bag is a good idea for the floor particularly if there isn’t room for an armchair. It can be nice to look over notes or read a book while lounging on a beanbag – if they lie down on the bed to do so, the temptation is there to fall asleep instead!

A bookcase or plenty of shelves is important too – to contain their study books but also some nice items.

A screen can be a handy item – it will hide ‘their work’ when they are enjoying some relaxation time when watching TV or chatting with friends and similarly, it can mask any distractions when they are sitting at the desk.


Good lighting is imperative and it is best to place the desk beside the largest source of natural light, the largest window. Good task lighting is essential – place an angled lamp like an anglepoise on the desk.