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Making Own Collage Art

A collage can be made from any components that can be glued or pasted to one another. To create this kind of collage, you will want a number of visual source material like a magazine or old photographs of you with all your pals or you with the family. When you plan to utilize other material to build your collage art here are a few suggestions newspapers, post cards, wrapping paper and drawings. A different material that’s essential is scissors or a hobby knife, some sort of glue and a cardboard surface on which to assemble your collage. Almost any water-based glue is suitable since it is non-toxic and doesn’t possess a powerful odor. A sturdy cardboard with an even surfaces will do or you can use other different kinds of paper.

Now that you have your resources it is time to create your collage art. Use your scissors or hobby knife and begin trimming your resources into numerous styles. You can cut along the curves of the photographs as well as the other material you wish to add on the collage art. Study the directions of the glue that you simply purchased to guarantee the best results. Some of the water-based glue operates by using some of the glue to the back of a piece of paper and sticking the piece into place. Then overlap the photographs and other materials of your collage in inventive methods to come up with a most interesting collage.

Once you’ve determined design begin and fasten the photographs as well as other materials on the cardboard. Soon after you glue your collage into place, seal the collage by simply brushing on a thin layer of transparent polymer medium to hold on to everything in place. You might observe that some paper elements will buckle after they are in contact with glue. If this describes occurring, use less glue and delicately smooth the paper element using your finger as the glue dries in order to push out air pockets and wrinkles. Don’t let yourself be discouraged should you not get the output completely sleek many creases and bubbles.