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Graduation Announcements Say

1. Start the Speech with the Word “Congratulations” – One of the basic and most important aspects of the graduation speech is how you start it. Always remember to use the word “congratulations” as the starting phrase. Things have changed vastly in the past few years. Conventional announcements were used to mark graduation day which were too monotonous and formal. But time has changed and you must change along with it. Include jokes, quotations, funny incidents and so on to make the announcement an interesting one. See that the announcement highlights your graduate on the special day in a special way.

2. What to Tell – While drafting graduation announcement decide what you wish to add to it. Divide the whole announcement into various segments which include your child’s achievements, interests, your feelings for your child, special honours and recognition and etc. Speak out your emotions in a refined manner using sophisticated words. This might serve as a motivating factor for many. If you plan to host a party to celebrate the graduation day mention it in the graduation announcement clearly. Do not forget to mention the venue and time.

3. What to Avoid – There are a few pieces that should be avoided in graduation announcements. Always remember to use the full name of your graduate even if your family members know him by his nickname. Highlight the name in bold letters so that it is visible clearly to everyone. Try using font variations to make the announcement further attractive.

4. Showcase Special Awards and Recognitions – Do not forget to highlight special accreditations, awards or accolades earned by your ward in the announcement. As a parent you must feel proud to announce the great deeds of your child. Also make sure you write the correct date and time of the graduation in the announcement.

5. Apply Creativity – If you wish to further highlight your announcement and make it a unique one, include a couple of photographs and pictures of the graduate. You can use any of the software to intensify your emotions using illustrations.

6. Avoid Graphic Stuffing – Having said that pictures add grace and intensity to the announcement, do not try to overload it with graphics and colours. Also never and never use any of the embarrassing figures or pictures in the announcement such as animals or funny pictures that could relate to your ward.