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Ensuring Quality Education

The following parameters should be awarded marks as: 0-poor, 1-satisfactory, 2-good, 3-very good, 4-excellent, and 5-outstanding. They include:

1. Maintenance of infrastructure.

2. Safety and security of students, teaching and non teaching staff.

3. Sticking to the rules and regulations of the government.

4. Quality of lodging and boarding facilities in residential institutes.

5. Administrative and management skills of organization.

6. Achievements in academics.

7. Excellence in non- academic activities.

8. Punctuality of students, teaching, and non- teaching staff.

9. Cleanliness and neatness of class rooms and campus.

10. Upgradation of the latest developments in science and technology.

Many parents are concerned about the safety and security of their wards. There are many reports of school or college bus accidents, students keeping some lethal arms and ammunition with them, threatening the teachers and other students, etc.

If the residential educational institutes can maintain the hostels and dining rooms well, there would be wide spread appreciation. The parents are bothered about the health of their children too.

Only the most accountable teaching and non- teaching staff can achieve the desired results. Action should be taken by the administrative staff based on the reports or feedback from the assistant administrators, teaching staff, academic coordinators, supervisors, wardens, and other related staff.

Direct observations and through the televisions would help in enhancing accountability. The administration can counsel or guide the teachers to improve the quality.