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Ensure Academic Success

Create Study Central

All kids need a place to call their own for studying. But not all kids need the traditional desk in room – in fact you may prefer to have them do homework and study in a central location so you can monitor them – and keep up with the subject yourself. But any study area should have good lighting, electrical outlets, a hard flat surface to spread out books and papers, an absence of distractions and a place to house supplies. Some kids will love the stationary desk and you can stock up on supplies. Other kids will move around, and to minimize the time spent searching for a pen, paper, etc, consider creating a mobile supply unit – a file box with separate folders for each item.

Invest in a filing milk crate and set up a hanging folder for each teacher/class. Use it to file papers – consider one file for “done” work and one for work in progress. Work with you child to ensure that papers filed in school folders or scrunched in the bottom of a backpack move into the filing system – set a two-week schedule for this and you’ll find that the task is manageable.

If you use a binder – one for all classes or one for each class, set up a system and schedule to move papers into the binder and out into the file box so that the binder doesn’t become mammoth and unwieldy.

Locker Organization

If your child is in middle-school, he or she might have a locker for the first time. The locker is an important storage space for kids and a great way to teach them organization skills. In most cases, the locker should be their space and off-limits to you. You can provide them with a locker shelf to help them stack books and binders, magnets, sticky note pads, and a magnetic pen box. A dry-erase board might also be helpful to jot down notes.

Since lockers can easily become a dumping ground, consider giving your child this list of Do’s and Don’ts

– Do Replace materials to their original location

– Don’t just throw things in

– Use magnets to hold up important papers

– Don’t just drop papers into your locker

– Don’t expect anyone else to organize your locker for you