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Keep Safe at Collage

Know Your Surroundings

Take a few minutes to walk around the school. Get to know where the administration office is, and find out if there are security guards and if they are, where are they located.

No ATM’s at Night

Try to avoid using any banking machines to withdraw money at nights. However, if you choose to use one of them during the night, check to see if it is located in a well lit area and after withdrawing the money, put it away quickly.

Walk with a Buddy

It is also prudent to always walk with someone, especially if you are walking through an isolated or dark passageway. However, it is always encouraged to keep away from isolated and dark passageway. It is also worth mentioning that walking with two persons is even better.

Let Others Know Where You Are

Always tell a trusted person where you are or, where you are going to be, at all times. You can give them a copy of your study timetable and giving them a phone call everyday will not hurt.

Info Jobs for Graduates

Can you imagine being an employer in need of a person with this skill set of an MBA graduate but finding it hard to meet the salary expectation due to budgetary restraints? This is not a comfortable place for either party involved. In all honesty, not many organizations can afford this caliber of talent an MBA graduate possesses; however, they still employ MBA graduates against the restrictions because organizations know the value of acquiring these skilled people.

So with such high skill level demand throughout the corporate world why should a college graduate forgoing the workplace and choose making money at home? The main reason is surprisingly simple… To Be Their Own Boss! The ability and chance to build your own empire is just too good to pass up. When you think about it an MBA graduate has the business skills that a majority of organizations thrive upon. For such an individual having such a plethora of knowledge can open the same doors for the graduate as they would for an organization. So why make millions for an organization when an MBA graduate can use these skills and acquire the funds for themselves? The answer to this question is non-existent which is why many college graduates have decided to look for other opportunities outside of the usual job market.

An Income Earning Opportunity for College Graduates

On sure way to meet people and learn the ropes to becoming your own boss is by developing your own online business. Currently, there is a plethora of online businesses that seem to increase daily. For instance, online jobs such as internet marketing, free-lance writing, virtual assisting, online surveying, etc. gives college graduates the opportunity use their college skill sets and turn them into profitable business ventures. This is excellent news for any college graduate that may already have an online presence on social media sites such as Facebook or YouTube. There is nothing more exciting for a college graduate than to take their content and transform it into profitable masterpieces such as blogs, vlogs, and articles. Let’s face it college graduates are some of the most innovative minds on the planet; therefore, transitioning from college to an online businesses is a step in the right direction towards personal achievement and entrepreneurship.

Some Ways to Study Better

  • A short nap or walk will help you to concentrate. Your brain can only absorb so much information; get up after 45-50 minutes and nap for 20 minutes or go for a walk, this will help you to clear out that short-term memory so it can store more information.
  • If you are studying fact the best time to study is between 3 pm and 5 pm during the day. This is when your brain will learn these pieces of information optimally.
  • If you are learning skills then study between 6 pm and 8 pm. This is the best time for your brain to process skill memory.
  • Clutter is the enemy. Clutter in your study environment or in your sleep environment will distract you. This is true if you have ADD or if you are the average person. It is worth the 10 minutes to declutter your space before you start studying. This does not mean you need to clean the whole house, just try to make the area you are working in organized.
  • Noise or no noise that is personal. Some people are distracted by the least sound, if this is the case white noise such as rain, ocean sounds, or soft music will help decrease distractions. If you find this distracting it might benefit you to be in a quiet place.

Remember that going to school or taking class is a way of reaching your goals and as such you need to make the time and do your best. This is true whether or not the class is for credit or for knowledge. What you want to do is be the most effective person learner while taking the class.

Distance Learning Scholarships

Several colleges, you should be advised, offer scholarship only to the very first students who apply – on a first come, first served basis, so you’d do well to check and see that you actually still qualify before you go ahead with the application process. If you don’t, try the next college on your itinerary. Be advised also that certain collages offer full scholarship programs while others offer partial scholarships to incoming students.

Within your local community, you could look around for big companies that usually make available scholarships for students in order to assist their communities by offering education incentives. What do you know; you could be lucky enough to get one of such scholarship to further your studies. What do you know; you could even be employed by such a firm while you’re still studying the degree course online.

You could, in addition, keep your eyes open and your ears open too for word in newspapers for essay competitions and similar contests as they are also means by which you might win scholarship funding for your intended online distance learning program. Clubs and organizations offer scholarships for members and family members or members and you could be fortunate to have a member of your family in such a club or organization.

If you are a very brilliant student in school then your chances of getting scholarship actually multiplies exponentially. You therefore need only the proper information for which you also must keep your ears and eyes open so you can collect information regarding such scholarships. I’d say you could start making arrangements to return to studying now as nothing else may stand in your way. Don’t waste another minute – get right about it already.

About Graduate Job Market

According to various career advisors graduate employers perceive that higher ranked universities constitute talent and thus, one can argue that students at higher ranked university may have greater chances to get visited by graduate employers that would be potentially interested to employ some of the graduates. Therefore, one may conclude that graduates studying at more prestigious universities may be the first or better informed graduates about job opportunities within the organizations and thus may have higher chances to obtain graduate job first if the company hires graduates at first come first served bases.

Usually, graduate employers may visit some fifteen to twenty universities per year but this may depend of course on the budget that employer is willing to spend to attract high calibre individuals. More often than not, large multinational graduate employers carefully select which graduate schools are the best or worth of visiting. For instance, they may visit particular university because in the previous years they found there individuals that are these days top performers within their enterprise or they might get referrals from other employers that the university is likely to have top future performers.

You must Preparing for Crucial Exam

• Use tools to review for your test. Highlighters were invented for the purpose of being study aids; going through your notes or textbook and highlighting all the material relevant to the exam can not only help ingrain the material into your brain, but also makes it easier to find later when you go back to study. For things like numbers or mathematical equations, mnemonics may be used.

• Join a study group. This is an excellent way to exchange ideas with fellow students. Joining a study group can help improve your memory, as well as lighten your burden since you have other people there to help.

• Relax. A few days before your crucial exam, try to relax. Take a break from all the studying and go out with your friends, or play a video game in order to relieve some of your stress. This will clear your mind, so it’s not a jumbled mess when the morning of your exams arrive.

• Eat and Sleep Properly. A responsible student never goes out and parties all night right before a big exam. Eating well helps nourish your brain, allowing you to really focus on your studies. Sleep helps your body relax, as well as clear your mind. Although it may seem tempting to pull an all-nighter the night before a big exam, you will be doing yourself a favor by getting a good night’s sleep. If you’re exhausted during the exam, you will have a harder time focusing on the questions, never mind composing accurate, legitimate answers.

Ensuring Quality Education

The following parameters should be awarded marks as: 0-poor, 1-satisfactory, 2-good, 3-very good, 4-excellent, and 5-outstanding. They include:

1. Maintenance of infrastructure.

2. Safety and security of students, teaching and non teaching staff.

3. Sticking to the rules and regulations of the government.

4. Quality of lodging and boarding facilities in residential institutes.

5. Administrative and management skills of organization.

6. Achievements in academics.

7. Excellence in non- academic activities.

8. Punctuality of students, teaching, and non- teaching staff.

9. Cleanliness and neatness of class rooms and campus.

10. Upgradation of the latest developments in science and technology.

Many parents are concerned about the safety and security of their wards. There are many reports of school or college bus accidents, students keeping some lethal arms and ammunition with them, threatening the teachers and other students, etc.

If the residential educational institutes can maintain the hostels and dining rooms well, there would be wide spread appreciation. The parents are bothered about the health of their children too.

Only the most accountable teaching and non- teaching staff can achieve the desired results. Action should be taken by the administrative staff based on the reports or feedback from the assistant administrators, teaching staff, academic coordinators, supervisors, wardens, and other related staff.

Direct observations and through the televisions would help in enhancing accountability. The administration can counsel or guide the teachers to improve the quality.

Making Own Collage Art

A collage can be made from any components that can be glued or pasted to one another. To create this kind of collage, you will want a number of visual source material like a magazine or old photographs of you with all your pals or you with the family. When you plan to utilize other material to build your collage art here are a few suggestions newspapers, post cards, wrapping paper and drawings. A different material that’s essential is scissors or a hobby knife, some sort of glue and a cardboard surface on which to assemble your collage. Almost any water-based glue is suitable since it is non-toxic and doesn’t possess a powerful odor. A sturdy cardboard with an even surfaces will do or you can use other different kinds of paper.

Now that you have your resources it is time to create your collage art. Use your scissors or hobby knife and begin trimming your resources into numerous styles. You can cut along the curves of the photographs as well as the other material you wish to add on the collage art. Study the directions of the glue that you simply purchased to guarantee the best results. Some of the water-based glue operates by using some of the glue to the back of a piece of paper and sticking the piece into place. Then overlap the photographs and other materials of your collage in inventive methods to come up with a most interesting collage.

Once you’ve determined design begin and fasten the photographs as well as other materials on the cardboard. Soon after you glue your collage into place, seal the collage by simply brushing on a thin layer of transparent polymer medium to hold on to everything in place. You might observe that some paper elements will buckle after they are in contact with glue. If this describes occurring, use less glue and delicately smooth the paper element using your finger as the glue dries in order to push out air pockets and wrinkles. Don’t let yourself be discouraged should you not get the output completely sleek many creases and bubbles.

Honoring Graduations

First of all, we need to collect graduation booklets and invitations plus other materials in order to honor graduation traditions. It is a tradition for college graduates to have a ceremony that they will remember for the rest of their lives. As parents or relatives of the graduate, we can contribute by presenting a framed display of all the graduate’s documents.

Another way of honoring the occasion is by buying a household gift. It can be anything that is useful like kitchenware, furniture, or any items that we think would help the graduate with his future career. He or she might think of living independently soon, and these items can help him start a new home.

We can accompany the graduate with his graduation ceremony. We can also attend into their parties. There is lots of stop over graduation parties with their fellow graduates, and we can accompany the graduates there. We can meet the parents of the other graduates and it will be a very fun experience.

Take a photo of the traditional cap toss. It is a way to honor the college graduation. Take as many pictures as you can. It will be a forever memory of the graduate which he can recall when he sees these photos. Make sure that your cameras are ready.

Make sure that the graduation gown is all fixed before the graduate gets into the stage. There will be photo sessions when they are on the stage, and we wouldn’t like to see them later with untied gowns, and caps with loosed cords.

Standardized Testing Hacks

1. Episodic/Contextual Memory: Why “Where” Is So Important

The first issue to consider is where to administer the test. I understand that, if you are a classroom teacher, you may not have much input on this question. But if your administrator(s) want to schedule the testing, for convenience sake, in a place other than your classroom (such as an auditorium or cafeteria), you need to speak up and see if your students can be tested in your own classroom. Why? It has to do with episodic (contextual) memory.

You see, when we learn facts and ideas (semantic memory), we also process other details about our surroundings (episodic memory) along with that information, and it all becomes part of that same memory trace. And when it comes time to retrieve the facts and ideas, having “cues” around us in our surroundings can help us with that retrieval.

For example, a student might be stuck trying to retrieve a piece of information on the test. If he or she is in the same location where the original learning took place, some little detail about the surroundings (seeing the same poster on the wall, sitting in the same location in the room where the original learning took place, recalling something that happened in the classroom on the day of the initial learning, etc.) can serve as a stimulus to help access the semantic memory of the needed information. For this reason, studies have consistently shown that students score better when tested in the same location where the initial learning took place (Schacter, 1996).

So, if your administrator(s) have scheduled the testing of your students to take place anywhere other than your classroom, have a conversation about what I have just shared. It may be that they are simply unaware of the research. Even if they won’t move the large group testing for everyone, you might be able to have your students exempted and have them tested in your own room (maybe you could sell it as a “research study”). Believe me, this could make a big difference in your students’ scores!

2. Circadian Rhythms: Why “When” Is Also Important

Now, while we’re talking about messing up all of your administrator’s best-laid plans for testing day, let’s talk about the best time for the testing. Most school districts do large-scale testing in the morning, usually starting as soon as the school day gets rolling. For younger students (elementary through pre-adolescents), this schedule is just fine. That’s because the circadian rhythms (daily arousal rhythms) for younger students matches with the rhythms of most adults. That is, once they are fully awake and at school, they are usually good to go until they hit the dreaded mid-day slump when energy drops to lower levels. All of this means that younger students will tend to do their best on tests if tested anytime in the 7 a.m. to noon window.

But teens are a different matter. Research has shown that starting with adolescence and lasting through early adulthood, circadian rhythms shift approximately one hour later (Millman, 2005). This is not news to anyone who has ever tried to teach teens early in the morning, of course. As a result, testing high school students starting at the very beginning of the day is a recipe for under-performance. Starting no earlier than 8 a.m. (and 9 a.m. would probably be even better) and running the testing through about 1 p.m. would be the best schedule for these students. What should you do with that extra time between 8 and 9 a.m.? See Tips 3 and 4, below.

If you teach teenagers, and your administration has not taken the arousal patterns of your students into account when setting up the testing schedule, you should have a discussion with them about circadian rhythms and testing performance. And again, if the testing schedule has already been set for the majority of students, perhaps you can get a waiver to have your students tested when they are fully awake (and, of course, in your own classroom).

3. Before the Test: The Power of the “Brain Dump”

OK, we’ve addressed the two big scheduling questions–where and when–that can radically impact your students’ scores on standardized tests. Now let’s talk about some very effective things you can do with the time right before the test starts to prepare your students to do their best.

One thing you can have students do is a couple of quick, simple writing exercises within the thirty minutes before the test. First of all, one study has shown that having students do a quick (ten minute) expressive free writing about how they feel about the upcoming test can reduce test anxiety and lead to better performance (Ramirez & Beilock, 2011). This study showed that simply having students write about their worries about the test boosted scores by more than 10%!

Another quick writing exercise that can help is called a “brain dump,” which consists of having students write down everything they can think of about the subject matter to be tested. For example, if the testing session is going to cover science content, simply have students write down all of the science facts, formulae, etc. that come to mind, as quickly as they can. They won’t have time to write down all that they know in 5-10 minutes, of course (well, let’s hope not), but this simple writing activity helps them access prior knowledge to prime them for success and can calm students’ fears that they don’t know the material.

These two quick writing exercises serve as great warm-ups to testing and help to put students in a more relaxed mood and positive state of mind–which can go a long way toward better performance.