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About Graduate Job Market

According to various career advisors graduate employers perceive that higher ranked universities constitute talent and thus, one can argue that students at higher ranked university may have greater chances to get visited by graduate employers that would be potentially interested to employ some of the graduates. Therefore, one may conclude that graduates studying at more prestigious universities may be the first or better informed graduates about job opportunities within the organizations and thus may have higher chances to obtain graduate job first if the company hires graduates at first come first served bases.

Usually, graduate employers may visit some fifteen to twenty universities per year but this may depend of course on the budget that employer is willing to spend to attract high calibre individuals. More often than not, large multinational graduate employers carefully select which graduate schools are the best or worth of visiting. For instance, they may visit particular university because in the previous years they found there individuals that are these days top performers within their enterprise or they might get referrals from other employers that the university is likely to have top future performers.