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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Graduation Announcements Say

1. Start the Speech with the Word “Congratulations” – One of the basic and most important aspects of the graduation speech is how you start it. Always remember to use the word “congratulations” as the starting phrase. Things have changed vastly in the past few years. Conventional announcements were used to mark graduation day which were too monotonous and formal. But time has changed and you must change along with it. Include jokes, quotations, funny incidents and so on to make the announcement an interesting one. See that the announcement highlights your graduate on the special day in a special way.

2. What to Tell – While drafting graduation announcement decide what you wish to add to it. Divide the whole announcement into various segments which include your child’s achievements, interests, your feelings for your child, special honours and recognition and etc. Speak out your emotions in a refined manner using sophisticated words. This might serve as a motivating factor for many. If you plan to host a party to celebrate the graduation day mention it in the graduation announcement clearly. Do not forget to mention the venue and time.

3. What to Avoid – There are a few pieces that should be avoided in graduation announcements. Always remember to use the full name of your graduate even if your family members know him by his nickname. Highlight the name in bold letters so that it is visible clearly to everyone. Try using font variations to make the announcement further attractive.

4. Showcase Special Awards and Recognitions – Do not forget to highlight special accreditations, awards or accolades earned by your ward in the announcement. As a parent you must feel proud to announce the great deeds of your child. Also make sure you write the correct date and time of the graduation in the announcement.

5. Apply Creativity – If you wish to further highlight your announcement and make it a unique one, include a couple of photographs and pictures of the graduate. You can use any of the software to intensify your emotions using illustrations.

6. Avoid Graphic Stuffing – Having said that pictures add grace and intensity to the announcement, do not try to overload it with graphics and colours. Also never and never use any of the embarrassing figures or pictures in the announcement such as animals or funny pictures that could relate to your ward.

Step by step Prepare for Exams

Plan the study schedule
Preparing for exams require time and thus you should give yourself adequate time to prepare them. A lot of students leave everything for the last-minute, which is a wrong practise. You should set out a timetable for your study and organize it. Some subjects or topics might need more attention than the rest and you should plan accordingly.

Organize the place of study
The room where you are studying must be comfortable, well-lit as well as free from any kind of disturbance. You should also organize your stationery and reference notes so that you don’t have to spend time in searching for them while studying.

Refer old question papers
Another useful study tip is that you must refer the previous exam papers so as to know more about the layout. This will also help you to know about the important topics of a subject which requires more attention.

Take a Break
Avoid studying continuously for hours. It is recommended that you take a fifteen minute break after each hour of study. Develop a routine which suits you the best. Taking break will help to refresh your body as well as mind.

Adequate food and sleep
During the exam time, a large section of students tend to ignore food and sleep, which is not recommended. To score well in the exams, you need to keep your body as well as mind fresh and active. A proper diet along with correct sleeping pattern will make you healthy and alert.

Be Positive
Even if you are an average student or have not done well in the previous exams, there is no need to panic. You should keep yourself motivated and should keep the end result in mind. Avoid any sort of negative thoughts that may adversely impact your performance.

All about Assessment Tests

According to a number of studies undertaken in the field of education, assessment tests are considered as one of the best ways by which you can support your child’s developmental needs. So if you wish to impart the right skills that are needed to meet your child’s potential, then these tests are one good way. They are a reliable tool for guided instructions.

Moreover, they are also one of the effective ways by which your child can be assessed in various niches. So if your child is having a hard time at school with regard to studies and you do not know where to start, then the best solution for you comes in the form of assessment tests. This is because they have the ability to identify what needs to be rectified or changed so as to lead the children to their full potential. As we all know, the importance of being watchful and making the correct assessments goes a long way in the education of a child.

Assessment tests are basically those procedures through which information is collected about a student with respect to his education. It can be with regard to a particular subject or an entire field of study.

Out of the numerous procedures in this, one of the main assessment procedures is tests. In this, the student is being given a number of questions based on what they have learnt and understood. Based on the answers the student has provided, a score is being calculated. After calculating what the student has scored, their results are then compared with certain guidelines. This, in turn, will help to provide insights and information about the student’s ability with regard to the tested subject. As a result of all these, it becomes possible to identify those areas where the kids need to work more. Rather than consider it as an assessment or test of your child or child’s intelligence, it should be considered and recommended as a learning process. It is a process of learning in which the student along with the parents and teachers are able to understand what all we need to do more with regard to those areas where the child is weak and how they can be overcome through combined efforts. It should be something that extends beyond what is being learnt in the classrooms.

Assessment tests help us to pinpoint those areas where the kid is strong and where they need to get more attention so as to steer them to their potential. Assessment outcomes are found to have the ability to direct and alter kids learning process. So what happens essentially, is that once assessments tests are taken and stress is given in the weaker areas, it may help your child get the much needed confidence that they should always have. Alongwise, it will give you as a parent more reason to cheer up with regard to their performances. It will give the students a clear understanding of their weakness and how they can steer clear of them by undertaking measures to correct them. Moreover, a number of new skills are always emerging and expected of kids. A quick and reliable method regarding the specific steps you need to take up so as to fill those gaps can be done through these assessment tests. It should be able to give a roadmap regarding your child’s education.

So, if you are all ready to let your kids take assessment tests, then make sure that the assessment tests are in accordance with these points so that they bring the maximum benefits for your kids. Keeping these in mind can go a long way in choosing the correct ones.

A good assessment test should have the following features according to the study done by Irvin Katz (1997) and Jerome Kagan (1998). They are the pioneer figures in this field of area and have authored a number of books in the same genre.

– The tests should bring benefits for the children directly or indirectly. It should enhance or boost the learning process and assist the kids with the curriculum.

– They should be for a tailored purpose and should be reliable and fair with regard to that purpose.

– The assessment test procedure should be able to monitor the trends or progression of the child with respect to the subject of the tests. It should also help the kids to assess themselves.

– It should be age appropriate with respect to the content and collection of data. Assessment of younger children is much more difficult and therefore more care should be taken while assessing them.

Suitable Study Space


Walls in rented houses will probably be painted magnolia or cream but you can brighten up the room with colourful bedlinen, cushions, a bean bag and perhaps some pictures. Soft greens or blues are a good colour that will inspire calm and concentration. An occasional bright orange cushion will really brighten up a blue room and will co-ordinate perfectly whereas hot pink will really jazz up a pale green bedroom.


A good desk is necessary with ample space for a laptop or pc with enough space for a couple of books and stationary. A comfortable chair is also an essential item. Brighten up the desk with some colourful stationary items and folders – it will inspire them to keep it looking nice too.

A bean bag is a good idea for the floor particularly if there isn’t room for an armchair. It can be nice to look over notes or read a book while lounging on a beanbag – if they lie down on the bed to do so, the temptation is there to fall asleep instead!

A bookcase or plenty of shelves is important too – to contain their study books but also some nice items.

A screen can be a handy item – it will hide ‘their work’ when they are enjoying some relaxation time when watching TV or chatting with friends and similarly, it can mask any distractions when they are sitting at the desk.


Good lighting is imperative and it is best to place the desk beside the largest source of natural light, the largest window. Good task lighting is essential – place an angled lamp like an anglepoise on the desk.