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Applying to Graduate School

Determining if Graduate School is the Right Choice for You

Graduate school is perfect for people who enjoy research and learning. It is not ideal for people who merely want to take more courses, or for those who are in a rush to get a job.
Undergraduate study differs from graduate education in that it requires more of your time, motivation, and effort. It also entails forming professional and personal relationships with professors and other students. Generally, it challenges you in what you want to achieve in your life.

The Right Time for Graduate School

The right time to pursue an advanced degree is situational. You can embark on graduate school right after you receive your bachelor’s degree, a year after graduation, or even several years later. If you are approaching graduation, and you have decided that graduate school is the next step for you, it may be helpful if you ask yourself the following questions:

1) Are you ready for another three to eight years of studying?
2) Should you take time off before moving on to graduate school?

Test Strategies for Students

First, consider your own attitude regarding the test:

Do you, as a parent or teacher, treat the test as the be-all and end-all? Do you send the unspoken message that a child is “good” or “bad” depending on his or her performance? If you are honest with yourself, you can work to temper some of your own anxieties and instead promote a positive message – the test, while an important measure of achievement, is just one facet of the total child. Focus on helping children prepare the best they can. Convey the idea that their effort and hard work will pay off.

Understand the consequences of stress:

Needless worry can prove not only to be wasted energy, but also could have an adverse effect on overall performance. Some studies have shown that undue amounts of stress can lead to negative side effects, including sleep disturbances, lack of appetite, and even temporary memory loss!

Acknowledge your child’s feelings:

Just knowing that you care and understand can lessen anxious feelings. On the other

Tricks Get Better Grades in High School

Be organized

You should organize yourself for better management of time. In high school you have to do multi tasking. You should maintain personal planner for keep tracking on your class assignment and exams due dates. Create dedicated area in your home for study so you can easily concentrate in your study.

Set goal and try to achieve it

Set realistic goal and do proper planning for achieve it. Goal may be anything like doing assignment work, reading class note. Set day to day goal and try to achieve it.

Use Time sensibly

Use your time wisely for handling multi tasking. Time is most crucial factor for high school students. You should maintain discipline in your work. Do smart work rather then only hard work. If you have large work then you have to develop ability to break it into small manageable parts so you can easily execute your work.

Take regular break between your works. Consider break as reword. Do some other activity in break time and refresh yourself for next task.

Use text books

You should read

Tips Study For Test

1. Start getting ready in the beginning of the term
In the beginning of each term, you should not miss classes. This is the time when you meet your new teachers, get course books and course syllabuses and other elementary stuff. In addition, in the first weeks of each semester the instructors are busy introducing the new modules or topics. You have to be present to get first hand information. Take notes meticulously and ask the teacher a question if necessary.

2. While at home or dormitory, create a study schedule for the entire week
Plan your time as reasonably as possible when drafting your schedule. During your reading sessions every night, go through the notes you wrote during various lessons. Have a separate notebook to write notes as you study. At the end of the day, you will sleep knowing what was difficult to understand in each subject.

3. Work on your difficult areas as early as possible
Each day you will find out what was too difficult to comprehend on various subjects. You have to avoid procrastinating by solving these problem areas as soon as they are due. There are many ways of doing

Graduation Announcements Say

1. Start the Speech with the Word “Congratulations” – One of the basic and most important aspects of the graduation speech is how you start it. Always remember to use the word “congratulations” as the starting phrase. Things have changed vastly in the past few years. Conventional announcements were used to mark graduation day which were too monotonous and formal. But time has changed and you must change along with it. Include jokes, quotations, funny incidents and so on to make the announcement an interesting one. See that the announcement highlights your graduate on the special day in a special way.

2. What to Tell – While drafting graduation announcement decide what you wish to add to it. Divide the whole announcement into various segments which include your child’s achievements, interests, your feelings for your child, special honours and recognition and etc. Speak out your emotions in a refined manner using sophisticated words. This might serve as a motivating factor for many. If you plan to host a party to celebrate the graduation day mention it in the graduation announcement clearly. Do not forget to mention the venue and time.

3. What to Avoid – There

Step by step Prepare for Exams

Plan the study schedule
Preparing for exams require time and thus you should give yourself adequate time to prepare them. A lot of students leave everything for the last-minute, which is a wrong practise. You should set out a timetable for your study and organize it. Some subjects or topics might need more attention than the rest and you should plan accordingly.

Organize the place of study
The room where you are studying must be comfortable, well-lit as well as free from any kind of disturbance. You should also organize your stationery and reference notes so that you don’t have to spend time in searching for them while studying.

Refer old question papers
Another useful study tip is that you must refer the previous exam papers so as to know more about the layout. This will also help you to know about the important topics of a subject which requires more attention.

Take a Break
Avoid studying continuously for hours. It is recommended that you take a fifteen minute break after each hour of study. Develop a routine which suits you the best. Taking break will help to refresh your body as well as mind.

All about Assessment Tests

According to a number of studies undertaken in the field of education, assessment tests are considered as one of the best ways by which you can support your child’s developmental needs. So if you wish to impart the right skills that are needed to meet your child’s potential, then these tests are one good way. They are a reliable tool for guided instructions.

Moreover, they are also one of the effective ways by which your child can be assessed in various niches. So if your child is having a hard time at school with regard to studies and you do not know where to start, then the best solution for you comes in the form of assessment tests. This is because they have the ability to identify what needs to be rectified or changed so as to lead the children to their full potential. As we all know, the importance of being watchful and making the correct assessments goes a long way in the education of a child.

Assessment tests are basically those procedures through which information is collected about a student with respect to his education. It can be with regard to a particular subject

Suitable Study Space


Walls in rented houses will probably be painted magnolia or cream but you can brighten up the room with colourful bedlinen, cushions, a bean bag and perhaps some pictures. Soft greens or blues are a good colour that will inspire calm and concentration. An occasional bright orange cushion will really brighten up a blue room and will co-ordinate perfectly whereas hot pink will really jazz up a pale green bedroom.


A good desk is necessary with ample space for a laptop or pc with enough space for a couple of books and stationary. A comfortable chair is also an essential item. Brighten up the desk with some colourful stationary items and folders – it will inspire them to keep it looking nice too.

A bean bag is a good idea for the floor particularly if there isn’t room for an armchair. It can be nice to look over notes or read a book while lounging on a beanbag – if they lie down on the bed to do so, the temptation is there to fall asleep instead!

A bookcase or plenty of shelves is important too – to contain their study

Study For Next Test

Study Group
Study Groups are a great way to motivate yourself to study for a test if you know you have procrastination tendencies. (And who doesn’t?) Start a study group to review information before your test. Dole out the information you need to know in chances to each person. Now that person is responsible for learning that chance of information inside and out. The next time the study group meets, each person has to teach their information to the group and answer any questions. If you know you have to teach this material, then there is high motivation to really master the material yourself. The internal pressure of belonging to a study group the whole year will keep you on track in a way that you might not be able to if left to your own devices.

Know Your Limits
You have been there, cramming material the night before, not sure if anything is really getting inside your mind. Everything gets blurry and you realize that you have been on an imaginary tropical island the past 40 minutes. Time to get up! The brain can only focus on information for so long, about 45 minutes

Ensure Academic Success

Create Study Central

All kids need a place to call their own for studying. But not all kids need the traditional desk in room – in fact you may prefer to have them do homework and study in a central location so you can monitor them – and keep up with the subject yourself. But any study area should have good lighting, electrical outlets, a hard flat surface to spread out books and papers, an absence of distractions and a place to house supplies. Some kids will love the stationary desk and you can stock up on supplies. Other kids will move around, and to minimize the time spent searching for a pen, paper, etc, consider creating a mobile supply unit – a file box with separate folders for each item.

Invest in a filing milk crate and set up a hanging folder for each teacher/class. Use it to file papers – consider one file for “done” work and one for work in progress. Work with you child to ensure that papers filed in school folders or scrunched in the bottom of a backpack move into the filing system – set a two-week schedule for this

Keep Safe at Collage

Know Your Surroundings

Take a few minutes to walk around the school. Get to know where the administration office is, and find out if there are security guards and if they are, where are they located.

No ATM’s at Night

Try to avoid using any banking machines to withdraw money at nights. However, if you choose to use one of them during the night, check to see if it is located in a well lit area and after withdrawing the money, put it away quickly.

Walk with a Buddy

It is also prudent to always walk with someone, especially if you are walking through an isolated or dark passageway. However, it is always encouraged to keep away from isolated and dark passageway. It is also worth mentioning that walking with two persons is even better.

Let Others Know Where You Are

Always tell a trusted person where you are or, where you are going to be, at all times. You can give them a copy of your study timetable and giving them a phone call everyday will not hurt.

Info Jobs for Graduates

Can you imagine being an employer in need of a person with this skill set of an MBA graduate but finding it hard to meet the salary expectation due to budgetary restraints? This is not a comfortable place for either party involved. In all honesty, not many organizations can afford this caliber of talent an MBA graduate possesses; however, they still employ MBA graduates against the restrictions because organizations know the value of acquiring these skilled people.

So with such high skill level demand throughout the corporate world why should a college graduate forgoing the workplace and choose making money at home? The main reason is surprisingly simple… To Be Their Own Boss! The ability and chance to build your own empire is just too good to pass up. When you think about it an MBA graduate has the business skills that a majority of organizations thrive upon. For such an individual having such a plethora of knowledge can open the same doors for the graduate as they would for an organization. So why make millions for an organization when an MBA graduate can use these skills and acquire the funds for themselves? The answer to this

Some Ways to Study Better

  • A short nap or walk will help you to concentrate. Your brain can only absorb so much information; get up after 45-50 minutes and nap for 20 minutes or go for a walk, this will help you to clear out that short-term memory so it can store more information.
  • If you are studying fact the best time to study is between 3 pm and 5 pm during the day. This is when your brain will learn these pieces of information optimally.
  • If you are learning skills then study between 6 pm and 8 pm. This is the best time for your brain to process skill memory.
  • Clutter is the enemy. Clutter in your study environment or in your sleep environment will distract you. This is true if you have ADD or if you are the average person. It is worth the 10 minutes to declutter your space before you start studying. This does not mean you need to clean the whole house, just try to make the area you are working in organized.
  • Noise or no noise that is personal. Some people are distracted by the least sound, if this is the case white

Distance Learning Scholarships

Several colleges, you should be advised, offer scholarship only to the very first students who apply – on a first come, first served basis, so you’d do well to check and see that you actually still qualify before you go ahead with the application process. If you don’t, try the next college on your itinerary. Be advised also that certain collages offer full scholarship programs while others offer partial scholarships to incoming students.

Within your local community, you could look around for big companies that usually make available scholarships for students in order to assist their communities by offering education incentives. What do you know; you could be lucky enough to get one of such scholarship to further your studies. What do you know; you could even be employed by such a firm while you’re still studying the degree course online.

You could, in addition, keep your eyes open and your ears open too for word in newspapers for essay competitions and similar contests as they are also means by which you might win scholarship funding for your intended online distance learning program. Clubs and organizations offer scholarships for members and family members or members and

About Graduate Job Market

According to various career advisors graduate employers perceive that higher ranked universities constitute talent and thus, one can argue that students at higher ranked university may have greater chances to get visited by graduate employers that would be potentially interested to employ some of the graduates. Therefore, one may conclude that graduates studying at more prestigious universities may be the first or better informed graduates about job opportunities within the organizations and thus may have higher chances to obtain graduate job first if the company hires graduates at first come first served bases.

Usually, graduate employers may visit some fifteen to twenty universities per year but this may depend of course on the budget that employer is willing to spend to attract high calibre individuals. More often than not, large multinational graduate employers carefully select which graduate schools are the best or worth of visiting. For instance, they may visit particular university because in the previous years they found there individuals that are these days top performers within their enterprise or they might get referrals from other employers that the university is likely to have top future performers.

You must Preparing for Crucial Exam

• Use tools to review for your test. Highlighters were invented for the purpose of being study aids; going through your notes or textbook and highlighting all the material relevant to the exam can not only help ingrain the material into your brain, but also makes it easier to find later when you go back to study. For things like numbers or mathematical equations, mnemonics may be used.

• Join a study group. This is an excellent way to exchange ideas with fellow students. Joining a study group can help improve your memory, as well as lighten your burden since you have other people there to help.

• Relax. A few days before your crucial exam, try to relax. Take a break from all the studying and go out with your friends, or play a video game in order to relieve some of your stress. This will clear your mind, so it’s not a jumbled mess when the morning of your exams arrive.

• Eat and Sleep Properly. A responsible student never goes out and parties all night right before a big exam. Eating well helps nourish your brain, allowing you to really focus on

Ensuring Quality Education

The following parameters should be awarded marks as: 0-poor, 1-satisfactory, 2-good, 3-very good, 4-excellent, and 5-outstanding. They include:

1. Maintenance of infrastructure.

2. Safety and security of students, teaching and non teaching staff.

3. Sticking to the rules and regulations of the government.

4. Quality of lodging and boarding facilities in residential institutes.

5. Administrative and management skills of organization.

6. Achievements in academics.

7. Excellence in non- academic activities.

8. Punctuality of students, teaching, and non- teaching staff.

9. Cleanliness and neatness of class rooms and campus.

10. Upgradation of the latest developments in science and technology.

Many parents are concerned about the safety and security of their wards. There are many reports of school or college bus accidents, students keeping some lethal arms and ammunition with them, threatening the teachers and other students, etc.

If the residential educational institutes can maintain the hostels and dining rooms well, there would be wide spread appreciation. The parents are bothered about the health of their children too.

Only the most accountable teaching and non- teaching staff can achieve the desired results. Action should be taken by

Making Own Collage Art

A collage can be made from any components that can be glued or pasted to one another. To create this kind of collage, you will want a number of visual source material like a magazine or old photographs of you with all your pals or you with the family. When you plan to utilize other material to build your collage art here are a few suggestions newspapers, post cards, wrapping paper and drawings. A different material that’s essential is scissors or a hobby knife, some sort of glue and a cardboard surface on which to assemble your collage. Almost any water-based glue is suitable since it is non-toxic and doesn’t possess a powerful odor. A sturdy cardboard with an even surfaces will do or you can use other different kinds of paper.

Now that you have your resources it is time to create your collage art. Use your scissors or hobby knife and begin trimming your resources into numerous styles. You can cut along the curves of the photographs as well as the other material you wish to add on the collage art. Study the directions of the glue that you simply purchased to guarantee the best

Honoring Graduations

First of all, we need to collect graduation booklets and invitations plus other materials in order to honor graduation traditions. It is a tradition for college graduates to have a ceremony that they will remember for the rest of their lives. As parents or relatives of the graduate, we can contribute by presenting a framed display of all the graduate’s documents.

Another way of honoring the occasion is by buying a household gift. It can be anything that is useful like kitchenware, furniture, or any items that we think would help the graduate with his future career. He or she might think of living independently soon, and these items can help him start a new home.

We can accompany the graduate with his graduation ceremony. We can also attend into their parties. There is lots of stop over graduation parties with their fellow graduates, and we can accompany the graduates there. We can meet the parents of the other graduates and it will be a very fun experience.

Take a photo of the traditional cap toss. It is a way to honor the college graduation. Take as many pictures as you can. It will be

Standardized Testing Hacks

1. Episodic/Contextual Memory: Why “Where” Is So Important

The first issue to consider is where to administer the test. I understand that, if you are a classroom teacher, you may not have much input on this question. But if your administrator(s) want to schedule the testing, for convenience sake, in a place other than your classroom (such as an auditorium or cafeteria), you need to speak up and see if your students can be tested in your own classroom. Why? It has to do with episodic (contextual) memory.

You see, when we learn facts and ideas (semantic memory), we also process other details about our surroundings (episodic memory) along with that information, and it all becomes part of that same memory trace. And when it comes time to retrieve the facts and ideas, having “cues” around us in our surroundings can help us with that retrieval.

For example, a student might be stuck trying to retrieve a piece of information on the test. If he or she is in the same location where the original learning took place, some little detail about the surroundings (seeing the same poster on the wall, sitting in the same